In addition to our fair-trade-certified production facility, we have focused on the topic of sustainability from production to the end user. Accordingly, we choose our material components in our production according to strict sustainability criteria.

All MARGELISCH bags are equipped with an organic cotton fabric lining.


The bag body is made from waxed canvas (100% recycled cotton) or cord (nylon fabric / waterproof). Cotton is a natural and renewable resource that we use.


For bags made of high-quality buffalo and cow leather, we can use production committees for smaller bag details.

 For the belts of backpacks and messenger bags, we mainly use worn-out car seat belts or those with production defects (scrap).

We purchase our materials for our production completely from our production place in India, in order to avoid additional transport routes.

The material cut we produce in our manufactory is used for the smallest pocket details, so that we end up producing a production waste of almost zero.

For our transports to Europe, we exclusively choose the sea route.

We do not use any filling materials when packaging our products. Our customers receive from us goods packages (cardboard boxes) exclusively from the final authority. These are marked with the words:

hello, I am a recycled box


sustainability prooved:


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