rough purists / overview

The "rough purists" are minimalist and pithy and impress with their unmistakable charisma. With this collection we have exhausted the possibilities of craftsmanship to the utmost.

With the collection "rough purists" we have made a journey back in time 50ies into the past. We reinterpreted the vintage look and made it contemporary. The 3mm thick buffalo leather is usually sewn raw-edged. In order to make these models capable of production, we have rebuilt the sewing machines, especially for the sewing of all outside seams.

The used buffalo leather is vegetable tanned and part of our sustainability strategy.


Margelisch ecoleather satchel bag
Satisch 2 antico brown
Margelisch leather satchel Satisch natural
Satisch 2 antico natural

Margelisch leather messenger bag Pena
Pena 1 antico brown

Margelisch leather messenger bag Bex
Bex 2 antico natural
Margelisch leather messenger Bex
Bex 2 antico brown


Margelisch leather bag Shabon
Shabon 2 antico brown

Margelisch leather bag Denia
Denia 1 antico natural
Margelisch leather bag rough purist Denia
Denia 1 antico brown


Rinter 2 antico brown
Rinter 2 antico brown

Margelisch Leder Kurirtasche Ekins
Ekins 1 antico natural
Margelisch Business Aktentasche in Leder Ekins
Ekins 1 antico brown

BACKPACK / medium

Margelisch Lederrucksack retrolook
Lamar 1 antico brown

Margelisch, leather messenger, sustainable ecoleatherbag

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